Thursday, February 9, 2017

Company in the News Feb-17

See what PlayGround-LA Writers are up to as we prepare for the February 13 round of Monday Night PlayGround.

Allie Costa's play Don't Shoot the Messenger Pigeon, originally developed at PlayGround-LA, was selected for the Barrington Stage Company 10x10 New Play Festival, running February 16th through March 5th in the Berkshires.

Alison Minami’s play, Face to the Sun, is having a professional staged reading sponsored by the Torrance Cultural Arts Foundation. Free.

Rhea MacCallum's play, LUNCH WITH "FRIENDS", is in production with StageQ in Madison, Wisconsin, February 10-18th.  For more information, please visit:

Jeremy Kehoe’s play, God Help Us, completed an eight-performance run last weekend at Monster Box Theatre in Pontiac, Mich. I attended the final weekend performance and conducted a post-show Q&A with audience members.

Nicholas Pilapil's play, BEFORE AND AFTER, has a staged reading at the Fountain Theatre, on February 16 at 8pm, as part of their Rapid Development Series. 

Howard Ho’s play, VARIOUS EMPORIA, was named a semifinalist for the Eugene O’Neill Theater Center’s 2017 National Playwrights Conference.

Six of Jonathan Josephson's Wicked Lit plays are now published and available for licensing by Steele Spring Stage Rights. Four of these plays are available in the Wicked Lit collection on

Arthur Keng recently guest-starred on Crazy Ex-Girlfriend on CW.

Scott Mullen's short plays, PINATA and WHEELCHAIR, are being performed this month in Short + Sweet Sydney, in Australia.

Wednesday, February 8, 2017

January People's Choice Award

The people have spoken... The January People's Choice Award goes to Lauren Gorski for her short play, Nothing Left to Lose, presented as a staged reading at Monday Night PlayGround on January 9 at the Zephyr Theatre. Congratulations, Lauren!

Courtesy of Ms. Gorski, we're pleased to share the first two pages from the award-winning script. Enjoy!

Nothing Left to Lose
by Lauren Gorski

Character Breakdown
Sera -- Female -- Any Age -- Any Race
Maggie -- Female -- Teens -- Any Race/Same as John
John -- Male -- 30s+ -- Any Race/Same as Maggie

Evening. The woods.
A woman, SERA, sits at a campfire, eating beef jerky. She’s dirty--perhaps covered in d
dirt, perhaps covered in blood. Her clothes are a mess but she isn’t haggard.
A noise in the distance. An owl. Moving brush.

She looks up. She reaches for her weapon. Another noise, footsteps.
She stands. She spits into the fire, tries to cover up some of it with dirt, but the noise is
getting closer. She lifts her weapon and moves backward, away from the noise. Off stage.
A man, JOHN, and teen girl, MAGGIE, step out of the woods. They see the camp.

Dad. Look.

A fire.

Someone must be nearby.

Maggie gets closer to the fire.

Maggie. Careful.

There’s food!

Maggie picks up the beef jerky.

Don’t touch that. You don’t know where it’s been.

Why does it matter? I’m starving!

It’s not safe. We need to keep moving. The radio said to head to water.

It’s teriyaki!

Maggie eats the jerky. John starts to rummage.

Dad, have some!

John shakes his head. Maggie reaches around the fire.

C’mon. There’s got to be more.

Look for a wallet or something valuable. We’re going to need cash.

Maggie’s hand hits a dead rabbit. She squeezes it and blood comes out. She looks at her
hand and screams. John clamps his hand to her mouth.


It’s dead! It’s dead!

What’s dead?

The rabbit.

John looks, sighs.


Join us for the next Monday Night PlayGround on Monday, February 13, at the Zephyr Theatre and choose your own favorite. Click here for more info.

December People's Choice Award

The people have spoken... The December People's Choice Award goes to Mercedes Segesvary for her short play, The Extraction of a Story, presented as a staged reading at Monday Night PlayGround on December 12 at the Zephyr Theatre. Congratulations, Mercedes!

Courtesy of Ms. Segesvary, we're pleased to share the first two pages from the award-winning script. Enjoy!

The Extraction of a Story
by Mercedes Segesvary

MARIE: Woman. Age: 30’s. No specific race. Dressed in dental assistant attire.
FRITZ THOMAS: Man. Age: 30’s to early 40’s. No specific race. Dressed in casuals.
DR. DROSSELMEYER: Man. Age: 40’s and up. No specific race. Dressed in Dentist attire.

Dental Office.

Three chairs. A small notebook/pen. Clipboard.

Present Day.

Lights Up
FRITZ sits center stage. (Two chairs upstage) He has something in his mouth he’s
biting down on. Clenching. His eyes are shut tight. He looks terrified.
Light flashes down and back up.
MARIE enters.

Very good, Mr. Thomas. See? That wasn’t so scary. They’ll be ready in a few minutes.

Kahl Ma Fizzzz

Marie removes the object from his mouth.

What’s that?

You can call me Fritz.

Your parents named you Fritz?

Family name.

Bet there’s a story behind that?

Marie pulls out a notebook and pencil from her pocket and quickly begins
scribbling. Fritz watches her as he stretches out his mouth. Marie puts the
notebook back in her pocket then puts the object back in Fritz’s mouth.)

MARIE (cont’d)
OK Fritz. Just one more. Tilt your head to the right and stay perfectly still please.

Marie positions his head gently. Fritz watches her with only his eyes.

MARIE (cont’d)
Don’t move OK?

Fritz shakes his head, a little too excited. Marie frowns.


Stay still. This is the easy part.

Marie walks off stage.
Lights flash down and back up. Fritz again looks terrified and clenching.
Marie returns holding a clipboard.

MARIE (cont’d)
OK Fritz. Shall we proceed to penetration?

Fritz spits the object out.

Excuse me?

Your mouth. Let’s get in there.

Uh, yes. Sure.

Dental humor, Mr. Thomas. Sometimes it helps. Follow me please.

Umm… Fritz

Fritz follows Marie around the stage as if walking through an office with many
rooms. Marie continues to read his chart.

You’re new to us. That’s excellent. When was your last cleaning?

Three years ago.



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