Friday, February 14, 2014

February People's Choice Award

The people have spoken... The February People's Choice Award goes to Vincent Terrell Durham for his short play, A Change of Heart, presented as a staged reading at the "Idioms of the Heart" Monday Night PlayGround on February 10 at the Zephyr Theatre. Congratulations, Vincent!

Courtesy of Mr. Durham, we're pleased to share the first two pages from the award-winning script. Enjoy!

by Vincent Terrell Durham

DIANE PETERSON - Caucasian, late 30's to early 50's. Old enough to have had a 17 year old son.
RICHARD PETERSON - Caucasian, late 30's to early 50's. Diane's husband.
SIMON - African American, 20 - 25 years old. Should have hair. An Afro is ideal but not a must.

SETTING: Present day, sidewalk leading up to Simon's house.

RICHARD PETERSON enters carrying a duffle bag.
DIANE PETERSON enters a few feet behind him. She
carries a cake container. Both walk towards a house.
Both are disheveled from the three hour car drive.

Would it kill you to wait for your wife?
(RICHARD stops dead in his tracks.)

Waiting for the wife.
(DIANE reaches a waiting RICHARD and hands him the
cake container. DIANE then begins fussing with her hair
and clothing, trying to put things back in place.)

Why in the world are you lugging that duffle bag around with you, Richard?

(Taking in his surroundings.) This duffle bag is between me and this Simon fellow we’re
about to meet.

Simon fellow? Is that how you’re planning to address him? (Pause.) How do I look?

(Looking everywhere but at DIANE.) You look fine, Diane.

It might help if you looked at me.
(RICHARD takes a long look at his wife.)

You’ve done the best that you can.

Richard! I want to look perfect. Is my hair a mess? I should’ve worn my blue dress.

I don’t know why you’re worried about your appearance. You look just fine.

Tommy always liked when I made an effort. And he loved seeing me wear blue.
Remember that time I showed up at his baseball game in my curlers.
He wanted to kill me. (Imitating Tommy.) “Mom, you looked like you just stepped out
of a horror picture!” After that I promised I’d always look my best for him.


Join us for the next Monday Night PlayGround on Monday, March 10, at the Zephyr Theatre and choose your own favorite. Click here for more info.

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