Monday, December 23, 2013

Support PlayGround-LA: What's in a Name?

PLAYGROUND. The name says it all. It's a wild, often wacky, always wonderfully fun adventure for all the writers, directors and actors (and the audience) who have the good fortune to be connected with it each month. It's as if we've been put in a time machine and returned to our kid times, and have been encouraged to go out and just play.

Writers are given a topic that can fall anywhere on a spectrum from the very "normal" to the very "abnormal", and then four and a half days to submit a script. They are urged to stretch their imaginations, and are never saddled by any rules or regs other than a limit of 10 pages maximum. "Here's the topic; go with it where you wish". 6 Scripts are selected from the submissions, given to directors and casts are chosen.

Then....well, then, another whole room of the PlayGround opens up. As with the writing, there are no rules and regs for directors and actors other than "go for it", and "let's see what ya got", as they bring these little 10 page gems to life.There is a 1.5 hour rehearsal time in which the directors and actors hem & haw, stammer & stew, behave and misbehave to the max until they hack and hew the rough drawing of their vision of how the play will best be served on the night.

And finally...the night! The Monday night when the PlayGround is opened up for everyone to come and enjoy the playing. The great energy, enthusiasm and camaraderie is infectuous, and it really is like watching kids having a ball on the playground. This is where it all comes together: writers, directors and actors get to strut their stuff bringing theatrical magic to life.

This is what's so wonderful about PlayGround-LA: it provides a place where artists can do their art; where you can take chances and risks and you're not going to be sent to your room with no dessert if you "fail". (No one fails, and there's always plenty of dessert)  And it provides a place where joy and the enjoyment of the process of doing art is shared by all.

The moment I first heard about PlayGround, I knew something good was brewing, and I immediately got involved, as an artist and a donor. I've loved every minute of it.

Give it a shot. Support the PlayGround. I promise, you're gonna be happy ya did.

Michael Cavanaugh

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