Friday, February 22, 2013

February People's Choice Award

The people have spoken... This month's People's Choice Award goes to John Corcoran for his original short play, The Kid in the Trunk, presented as a staged reading at the PlayGround-LA Monday Night PlayGround February 11 performance at the Zephyr Theatre. Congratulations, John!

Courtesy of Mr. Corcoran, we're pleased to share the first two pages from the award-winning script. Enjoy!

by John Corcoran

DEES - An oversized widower & reluctant serial killer, 40.
SMOKI - A precocious, sexy, 19-year-old girl and his lover.

At Rise. SMOKI and DEES are in the front seat of a car. DEES is driving. It is late afternoon.

Weird. Car’s all clean as shit outside, but smells kinda funky in here.

That’s cuz’ I got a kid in the trunk.

What do you mean, you got a kid in the trunk?

He’s, I dunno, twenty. He’s dead. I sat on him until he was dead.

Accidental like?

Not really sure.

You just killed him and didn’t have no place to put him, so you put him your trunk?

Didn’t plan on killin’ him. Shit happens.

So you already killed a guy? The guy we’re goin’ to kill now ain’t your first?

Nope. Second. And “we” aint’ killin’ this next guy, I am.

Tell me more about the kid in the trunk, Dees.

He worked at a car wash. I got my car washed. He vacuumed my trunk without asking
me first, so I sat on him until he was good and dead. Skinny little kid.

What the hell? You killed a guy for vacuuming your car?
I had Jenny’s ashes in an urn back there. I was off to dump her in the ocean. Out of
respect, I stopped for a car wash. Kid was vacuuming inside the car and I went off to grab
a smoke. When I come back, he’d vacuumed in the trunk too. He’d sucked Jenny right
out of her urn with a high-powered vacuum. (makes slurping noise) Sllllllluuuppppppp!

Hell, Dees.

I just sorta snapped.

He was probably just trying to be helpful, and you, like, squooshed him? I’ll bet he
didn’t know that was a dead person in that urn.

He should have asked. You don’t just go sucking up somebody’s wife without asking

You sat on him? Why didn’t you shoot him?

I don’t want to talk about it no more.

I’d rather be shot than be squooshed under the ass of a 300-pound biker.

Two-seventy. And I ain't a biker no more since I sold the Harley to pay for Jenny’s

Okay, then tell me how come you’re killin’ this other guy? He vacuum up yer Momma?


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Friday, February 1, 2013

PlayGround-LA Continues... The Feb 11 Topic!

PlayGround-LA continues its inaugural season and celebrated monthly staged reading series, Monday Night PlayGround, on February 11 at the Zephyr Theatre with six original short plays inspired by this month’s topic… STAR-CROSSED LOVERS! Los Angeles-based playwrights have until 2pm on Tuesday to write and submit scripts inspired by the topic. Playwrights are encouraged to be creative and use the topic as a jumping-off point with all forms of theatrical expression encouraged. For submission guidelines, visit The six finalists will be presented as script-in-hand staged readings at 8pm on February 11. For tickets, subscriptions or for more information, the public can call (323) 992-6766, email or go online at

Ten days before the designated Monday, a topic is announced and emerging playwrights in the Greater Los Angeles Area have until 2pm the following Tuesday to submit a short script. A panel of judges selects six winners, whose entries are cast over the weekend and then rehearsed with the area’s best professional actors and directors in a whirlwind ninety minutes each before being performed as script-in-hand staged readings. Previous topics include “Origin Story”, “Sea-Change”, “Holiday Spirit”, and last month’s “I Have A Dream...”.

The mission of PlayGround-LA is to support the development of significant new local voices for the theatre. More than just a play development program, PlayGround-LA focuses on the creation of a true theatre community by nurturing the collaborative process between first-time or early development playwrights, and established professional actors and directors. With a particular focus on the ten-minute form, PlayGround creates a microcosm of the greater theatre scene, allowing for experimentation and risk-taking as well as the honing of style and technique.

PlayGround-LA is the first regional expansion of the celebrated Bay Area playwright incubator and theatre community hub, PlayGround(SF). PlayGround was launched in San Francisco in 1994 by co-founders Jim Kleinmann, Brighde Mullins and Denise Shama. In 1996, Kleinmann became PlayGround’s first Artistic Director. Since its founding, PlayGround has developed and staged more than 650 original ten-minute plays by 185 Bay Area early-career writers and has commissioned 48 full-length plays by distinguished PlayGround alumni. In the process of staging those works, PlayGround has helped to identify some of the leading emerging writers and, at the same time, has engendered the creation of a true community of theatre artists, bringing together hundreds of Bay Area actors, directors and playwrights. For most if not all of the participating writers, PlayGround is the first professional staging their work has received and serves as their introduction into the professional theatre community.

PlayGround’s alumni have gone on to win both local and national honors for their short and full-length work, including recognition at the Humana Festival, Sundance Festival, Bay Area Playwrights Festival, New York International Fringe Festival, Aurora Theatre Company’s Global Age Project, and Samuel French Off-Off Broadway Short Play Festival, among others. Directors and actors participating in PlayGround are among some of the most distinguished local theatre professionals, regularly working on leading Bay Area stages such as A.C.T., Berkeley Rep, Magic Theatre, San Jose Rep, and California Shakespeare Theater, among others.

For more information, visit or follow PlayGround on Facebook ( and Twitter (

PlayGround-LA’s Monday Night PlayGround is

Six original short plays by L.A.’s best new dramatists, inspired by the topic “Star-Crossed Lovers”

February 11, 2013
Monday @ 8pm

Zephyr Theatre
7456 Melrose Ave.
Los Angeles, California 90046

(323) 992-6766  or

TICKETS: $20, priority seating; $15, general admission; $10, student admission with ID. Pay-What-You-Can at the door subject to availability.
4-admission flex subscriptions (includes priority seating) start at just $60.